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Our daughter started at Valor as a Kindergarten student in August 2008 and she is now entering the 6th grade.

We love Valor Traditional Academy because of its focus on the all-around development of the kids, academically, which is a very high priority, as well as spiritually, and morally. Expectations for the students are high but achievable, helping to encourage each student to be the best they can be.

As parents communication is very important to us, the fact that both the teachers and the headmaster are approachable make discussions much easier. Another aspect of Valor we appreciate is the small school setting. It is comforting to know that no matter what grades our student is in they are allowed the opportunity to communicate and form personal bonds with students in every grade.

Based on our experience over the last 6 years, we strongly believe that the choice we made to send out children to Valor is the right one.

Todd & Lisa Hutchison, parents of current students

I had the opportunity to be a student at Valor Traditional Academy in 1997, when Valor first began. I entered Valor in the fifth grade and continued through High School. After graduating I attended college at Bellarmine University, receiving my Bachelor of Arts in Communication. I am now currently pursuing a Masters in Theology from Campbellsville University.

I can speak to the exceptional education I received at Valor Academy. It is truly the elite in preparatory schools. I would not have been able to academically accomplish what I have done if it were not for the academic excellence I received at Valor.

Sharayah Franklin, Graduate

Our daughter began attending Valor in Kindergarten and she is now entering senior year. We love Valor. The sense of community within the school from the faculty, to the students, to the administration, to the parents; there is a sense of, “we’re in this together”. Everyone is striving for the same goal, a solid Christian based education for their student.

Valor’s class size allows instructors to know the student and the student to know the instructor; this creates a better learning environment. In this setting, students, instructors, parents, and administrators are free to discuss what is working well and where there can be improvements. We feel at Valor our voice is heard.

We have been a part of Valor for 12 years and Valor has been a part of us, we wouldn’t change our experiences over the last nine years. Our daughter has grown from a little girl of 5 into a young lady of 17; she has developed relationships that will last a lifetime, as have we with the parents, instructors, and administrators. We were fortunate to have found and chosen “The Castle”!

Don & Doris Cull, parents of current student

Our son struggled in Kindergarten at another school. We wanted to repeat Kindergarten but the Kindergarten class at Valor was full.  They had an opening in first grade.  I was assured by the Headmaster that they would give our son the attention needed to succeed.  With reservations we agreed.  

The first quarter was not the best but his grades were passing.  The second quarter was much better and he began to excel in his reading.  By the end of the school year at the Awards Night he was on the A Honor Roll and was awarded the Most Improved student for the entire school.  

Allen & Tetyana Schroeder, parents of current student